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Names of Romans, Roman enemies and Roman friends


All names of persons, Romans and non Romans alike, who played a role in the history of Rome will be listed here and direct you to the place with information about these persons.
The Roman praenomen are abbreviated as the Romans did. In the alphabetical order the praenomen are ignored.

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Names Remarks
Adherbal 249 bc Carthaginian general, Battle of Drepanum
T. Aebutius Helva Dictator; lake Regillus
Mam. Aemilius Mamertinus 2xDictator in 2nd Veiian war. Defeated the Veiiantines in a battle. Shortened the office of censor to 18 month
L. Aemilius Paullus Beaten and killed by Hannibal in the battle of Cannae
Agathokles (361-289 bc) Tyrant of Syracusae, dismissed the Mamertines
L. Albinus First plebeian tribune (+4 more)
Ancus Marcius Fourth king of Rome
Annius (340 bc) Leader of a Latin city, pledged for more equality between Rome and Latins, but was thrown out of the senate by T. Manlius Imperiosus Torquatus
Antigenes Slave owner in the 1st slave rebellion
Apollonius (Slave) general in the 2nd slave rebellion
G. Aquilius Roman general defeated Salvius 2nd slave rebellion
Archimedes (212bc) Scientist at Syracuse. Designed the defenses in 2 punic war
Athenion of Enna Leader in the 2nd slave rebellion
Attus Navius Augur in the time of Tarquinius Priscus
Attalus (208 bc) King of Bergamum; helped Romans against Philippus V in 1st Macedonian war
Bomilcar(215bc) Sent from Carthago to releave Syracuse (2nd punic war)
Brennus (391 bc) Commander of the Gallic tribe the Senons, who occupied Rome
C.Canuleus(445bc) Proposed the law that would allow intermarriage between patricians and plebeians
Cineas (280 bc) Counselor of king Pyrrhus of Epire. Almost talked the Romans into making peace.
Appius Claudius(494bc) Consul 1st plebeian secession
Appius_Claudius(471bc) Abused his power as consul was tried and committed suicide
Appius Claudius(461bc) Brought to trial by Volero Publilius
Appius Claudius (450bc) Leader of Decemvirate; Desired Verginia
Appius Claudius (404bc) Prevented the 3rd Veiian war to be stopped
Appius Claudius (312 bc) Refused to resign from the office of censor built Via Appia and auqa Appia
Appius Claudius (264 bc) Crossed the straits of Messana and attacked the Syracusan and Carthaginian forces
Marcus Claudius Marcellus(214bc) (pro)Consul 2nd punic war. Conquered Syracuse; in 208 killed against Hannibal
Gaius Claudius Nero(207bc) (pro)consul 2nd Punic war. Deceived by Hasdrubal in Spain; Defeated Hasdrubal (Metaurus); Quarreled childish with Livius Salinator as a censor
P. Claudius Pulcher (249 bc) Ignored the negative auspices and lost the battle of Drepanum
Appius Claudius Pulcher(214bc) Propraetor 2st punic war. Attacked Syracuse together with Marcellus
Cleon Leader in the 1st slave rebellion
C. Cluilius King of Alba Longa
Cloelia Heroine in the war against Porsena
Clodius (-73) Praetor in the war against Spartacus
A. Cornelius Arvina (322 bc) Dictator in second Samnite war. Beat them in the battle of Samnium
A. Cornelius Cossus (385 bc) Had M. Manlius Capitolinus arrested
A. Cornelius Cossus (343 bc) Consul infirst Samnite war; leads his army in a trap can Bareli escape
P.Cornelius_Scipio(395bc) Master of the horse for Camillus; conquest of Veii
L.Cornelius Scipio Interrex who would organize elections so there would be one plebeian consul (again)
P. Cornelius Scipio Was defeated by Hannibal in the batte at the Ticinus
Was killed in Spain in 211
Cossinius Praetor in the war against Spartacus
Crassus Defeated Spartacus, member triumvirate
Crixus and Oenumaus (slave)Leaders in 3rd slave rebellion
M' Curius Dentatus(290bc) Consul in 3rd war against Samnium. Made the final peace
P. Cornelius Sulla Felix Consul /dictator Social war; 1st civil war
P. Decius Mus (340 BC) Plebeian consul in 2nd Samnite war sacrificed himself in the war against the Latins
P. Decius Mus (295 BC) son of... also sacrificed himself in the 3rd war against the Samnites
Eunus leader of the 1st slave revolt
Fabius_Ambustus (391 bc) Three brothers who caused Brennus to attack and occupy Rome
Q. Fabius Maximus Cunctator The delayer; opponent of Hannibal in the 2nd Punic war
G. Flaminius Plebeian censor and consul. Killed in 217bc in the battle of lakeTrasimeno
M. Furius Camillus M.Furius Camillus was the dictator who, destroyed Veii in 395 BC
M. Furius Camillus (368 bc) It is though not impossible but unlikely this is the same as the one who destroyed Veii. Was dictator for a few days in 368 bc
Gellius and Lentulus Consuls failed to defeat Spartacus
L. Genucius(361) The first plebeian consul who lost a battle. (and his life)
Hamilcar Barca (244-228 bc) Supreme commander of Punic forces in Sicily in the 1st Punic war. Hannibal's father
Hannibal (264 bc) Commander of a Punic force in Agrigento in the 1st Punic war
Hannibal Barca (247-±185 bc) Supreme Carthaginian commander in the 2nd Punic war
Hasdrubal Barca Hannibal Barca's brother killed in the battle at the Metaurus in 207 bc
Hasdrubal the fair Hannibal Barca's brother in law. Successor of Hamilcar
Hasdrubal Commander of Hannibal's horse in the battle of Cannae
Hasdrubal son of Gisgo Last Carthaginian commander in Spain
Hasdrubal 204-202bc Carthaginian commander in Africa in the 2nd Punic war. Sophoniba's father
Hiero (264 bc) King of Syracusae in the first Punic war. See also
Hieronymus (216 bc) King of Syracusae in the 2nd Punic war. Ruled for 1 year See also
Horatii and Curiatii 2 triplets in the war against Alba Longa
Horatius Cocles Hero in the war against Porsena
M. Horatius Pulvillus succeeded Iunius Brutus as consul
P. Horatius(287) Plebeian dictator, ended 3rd plebeian secession,Hortensius' law
-I or J-
L. Junius Brutus Leader in the rebellion against Tarquinius Superbus; 1st consul
C. Julius Caesar Victor in 2nd civil war; 1st triumvirate
Lars Tolumnius King of Veii; caused the second Veiian war
Lentulus Biates owner of the gladiator school in Capua where Spartacus was trained
P. Licinius Calvus(400bc) Licinius was the first plebeian consular tribune
L. Licinius(376 bc) Proposed together with Sextius laws in favor of the plebeians
C. Licinius Calvus(368 bc) Was the first plebeian master of the horse
C. Livius Salinator (219-204bc) Consul 2nd Illyrian war. Condemned for unfair division of the loot(219bc); consul in 207bc; censor in 204bc
L. Lucullus Defeated Apollonius in the 2nd slave revolt
G. Licinius First plebeian tribune (+4 more)
Lucretia was raped by S. Tarquinius, killed herself
Sp. Lucretius Lucretia's father; present at her suicide
Mago Hannibal's youngest brother;fought also in Spain
Mago Carthaginian commander in 2nd Punic war; defender of Cartagena in 210bc
Geminus Maecius(340 bc) Challenged P. Manlius in the Latin war and was killed
Maharbal (217bc) One of Hannibal's lieutnants. Destroyed Servilius Gemnius cavalry after the battleat lake Trasimeno
M. Manlius Capitolinus Was woken by the geese on the capitol,in the Gallic occupation of Rome. Later he would revolt and been hurled from the Tarpeian rock.
P. Manlius (368 bc) Was appointed dictator when M. Furius Camillus had resigned as dictator in 368
T. Manlius Torquatus(340 bc) Manlius defeated the Gallic giant and took his chain (torquatus)
Had his son Titus beheaded in the Latin war
L. Marcius (212bc) rebuilt the army in Spain after the death of the Scipio's
Gn. Marcius Corolianus Patrician in exile,came back with Volci army
C. Marcius Rutilus First plebeian dictator (356 bc), first plebeian censor (351 bc)
Agrippa Menenius Envoy persuaded plebeians to return
L. Minucius Unsuccessful overseer foodsupplies during the famine in 439BC
M. Minucius Rufus Master of the horse under Q. Fabius Maximus. Was almost defeated by Hannibal
G. Mucius Hero in the war against Porsena
Mummius 2nd in command to Crassus; defeated by Spartacus
L.Nerva Governor of Sicily; 2nd slave revolt
Numa Pompilius 2nd king of Rome
L.Papirius Mugillanus(443 bc) First censor together with L. Sempronius Attratinus
L. Papirius Cursor(324bc) Dictator in 2nd Samnite war, wanted Q. Fabius Rulianus
L. Papirius Cursor(293bc) Consul in 3rd war against Samnites, won a battle against the Samnites after the chickens had refused to eat
Philipus (216 bc) King of Macedonia in 2nd Punic war. Made treaty with Hannibal; 1st Macedonian war
C. Plautius (356 bc) First plebeian magister equitem (master of the horse)
Pompeius Magnus Claimed victory over Spartacus; defeated by G. Iulius Caesar
Pontius (321bc) Samnite commander who lured the Romans into the trap of the Caudine forks.
Lars Porsena (508bc) King of Clusium besieged Rome
Sp. Postumius Albinus Caudinus (321bc) Consul in 2dn samnite war, ran into a trap in the Caudine forks together with hs colleague T. Veturius Calvinus
L. Postumius (216 bc) Consul in 2dn punic war, ran into a Gallic trap in the woods in Gallia Cisalpina
C. Publilius (326bc) Debt slave, caused debt slavery to be abolished
Volero Publilius Accused Ap. Claudius of capital crime
Pyrrhus of Epire(280 bc) Came to the aid of Tarentum, beat the Romans twice in a battle, but at a very high cost. Lost the war
L.Quinctius_Cincinnatus(439bc) Was appointed dictator in order to arrest and condemn Spurius Maelius
Kaeso Quinctius Son of Quinctius Cincinnatus. Had to flee the city
Remus Romulus' twin brother; murdered by Romulus
Romulus First king of Rome; killed Remus
Rupilius Defeated Cleon and Eunus in the 1st slave rebellion
Salvius Leader of the 2nd slave revolt
L.Sempronius_Attratinus(443bc) First censor together with L.Papirius Mugillanus
Ti. Sempronius Longus (218bc) lost the battle of the Trebia against Hannibal
P. Sempronius (205 bc) Was sent to revive the first Macedonian war, but made peace with Philippus V
Sergius and Verginius Q. Servilius Fidenas and M'. Sergius Fidenas were fined for unnecessarily loosing a battle in 3rd Veiian war
G. Servilius Could not defeat Athenion in the 2nd slave revolt
P. Servilius Consul 1st plebeian secession
C.Sextius (376 bc) Together with L. Licinius proposed laws in favor of the plebeians
G. Servilius Ahala (439bc) Master of the horse . Killed Spurius Maelius
C.Servilius Ahala (407bc) Appointed P.Cornelius Cossosdictator in order to hold a levy, when the peoples tribunes tried to obstruct
Q.Servilius Was appointed dictator in the 2nd Veiian war. Took the city of Fidenae by digging a tunnel into the city
Q. Servilius Geminus (†216 bc) Consul in 217bc together with G. Flaminius.
Commander of the infantry in the battle of Cannae, where he was killed
Servius Tullius 6th king of Rome
Sophoniba (204-202bc) Hasdrubal's daughter and married to Syphax and next to Masinissa. Committed suicide
Spartacus Leader of the 3rd slave rebellion
Spurius Maelius Bought and divided grain for free in the famine of 439BC. Was accused of trying to become sole ruler and executed
Syphax204-202bc King of Numidia in the 2nd Punic war. Sophoniba his Carthaginian wife made him choose the Carthaginian side.
Tanaquil Tarquinius Priscus' wife
L. Tarquinius Collatinus Lucretia's husband; went later in exile
Tarquinius Priscus 5th king of Rome
L. Tarquinius Superbus 7th and last king
G.Terentilius Harsa Peoples tribune,1st to propose written laws
G. Terentius Varro (216 bc) Beaten by Hannibal in the battle of Cannae; suppressed opposition of Arretium (208bc)
Tryphon Salvius renamed himself Tryphon; 2nd slave revolt
Postumius Tubertus was appointed dictator in 2nd Veiian war, when the 2 consuls couldn't agree a strategy. Defeated the Veiientines at mt. Algidus
Tullia Servius Tullius' daughter; remarried to Tarquinius Superbus
Attius Tullius attacked Rome together with Marcius
Tullus Hostilius 3rd king of Rome
M. Valerius Corvus (343 bc) One of the two consuls who defeated the Samnites in the 1st war against that people
P. Valerius succeeded Collatinus as consul; present at Lucretia's suicide
L. Valerius(283 bc) Admiral, was sent to Tarentum, to investigate, but the Tarentines destroyed his fleet
P. Valerius Laevinus(280 bc) Consul, lost the battle of Heracleia against Pyrrhus
M.Valerius Laevinus Praetor in 1st Macedonian war (215-205bc) prevented Philippus V to interfere in 2nd Punic war. Raided the African coast
Varius Leader in the 2nd slave revolt
P. Varinius Roman general defeated by Spartacus
Verginia Girl desired by Ap. Claudius
A. Verginius Accused K. Quinctius of a capital crime
T. Veturius (321) Consul got trapped in the Caudine forks together with his colleague Sp. Postumius Albinus Caudinus
T.Vettius Young nobleman who started a slave-war over a slave-girl he desired
P. Veturius Geminus Cicurinus magister equitem; battle at lake Regillus

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