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Hannibal trail

Day 8 Torino

What to do

Day at leisure in Torino

Torino Turin is founded by the Romans. And it was only at the end of the 16th century that Turin became an important town.From 1861 till 1865 it was the capital of Italy.

You can get a good idea of the town when you take the special tourist bus. It's a hop on hop off system. You can hop on at the Piazza Vittorio Veneto.

Dating from e first century is the Porta Palatina. In front there is a statue of Augustus.
Mole Antonelliana with the famous glass elevator that takes you to the top of the building. Here you also can find a film museum.

Galleria dell Industria Subalpina. A shopping arcade in Art nouveau style.

Palazzo Madama at the castle square. Here is the Art museum. Torino palazzo reale

Palazzo Reale, the palace of the Savoye family. You find beautiful furniture here. In one of the wings is the Armeria Reale. One of the most beautiful weapons and armor collections in the world.

San Lorenzo is on the left of the head entrance of the palace. A baroc church.

Duomo with the famous shroud.

Egyptian museum is  one of the most important Egypt museums in the world.

Museo dell'Automobile were you can find the beautiful Italian cars.

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