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Hannibal trail

Day 9 From Torino to Bobbio

How to get to Bobbio


Via Casale.


S 461
Ponte Gobbo
Via San Martino 4 Bobbio
Tel: + 39 0523.936927
N 4445074″ E 092252.3″

180 km.

Leave the campground and go downhill. At the stop sign turn right.
At the traffic lights left and immediately right ( It's straight on )
The next traffic light left.
Follow the signs A 21 towards Savona Piacenza.
Stay on Via Casale for about 4 km. Then go right at the signs towards the motorway.
Go right at the first little roundabout. Second roundabout right towards the bridge. Immediately filter left and go left at the end of the bridge.
After 400m keep left and at the roundabout go straight on.
Go straight on for about 2 km; keep the middle lane at the roundabout and go straight on; keep left and go towards A 21 Piacenza Genova.
Stay on the A 21 for about 110 km. Then take the exit Voghera.
Behind the toll booth go left on the roundabout towards Voghera.
750 m after the roundabout go right ( second exit )
Next roundabout right towards Salice Terme
After 6 km. you arrive in Rivavazzano. Left at the traffic lights ( Passo penice) next turn right.
At the roundabout go right. Keep following the S 461 towards  Del Penice.
In Varzi at the bifurcation turn right. Follow the road towards Penice.
You are going to climb towards Passo penice. A beautiful route.
There is a big parking lot at the top of the pass.
Then continue towards Bobbio. It is a steep descent.
In the town turn left on the square towards Terme di Bobbio Piacenza. At the end of the village Towards Genova and 400m continue towards Colli. You cross the bridge and go right. Follow the signs Ponte Gobbo Terme to the campground.

What to do
Ponte Gobbo over the Trebbia near Bobbio

is a beautiful old town. You can park in the town or walk to the town from the campground.
The old town is situated on the borders of the Trebbia.
People lived  here in the stone ages, but in early medieval time This was an important town. Irish monks e.g. St Colombano rebuilt the church.
The saint was buried here and the town became a place of pilgrimage with a flourishing abby.
Many beautiful handwritten books were made here.
Besides the old churches, abby's etc. there is the old bridge crossing the Trebbia.
Pilgrims on their way to Rome crossed this bridge before they entered the town.
Castellana grotte 
You can visit these grottos today or on day 21