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Hannibal trail

Day 13 Lake Trasimeno

Day at leisure at Lake Trasimeno

What to do

Tuoro sul Trasimeno
In the surroundings of the town is the Hannibal tour. This tour leads you with signs and explanations through the battlefield. It leads e.g. to Sanguineto, named after the blood that colored the fields after the battle of Trasimeno.

lake Trasimeno
Lake Trasimeno and
the island of Isola Maggiore
Castiglione del Lago




Campo del sole An art exhibition.

Rocca del Leone. View on the lake Palazzo della Corgna: fresco's Villaggio Ideale. A typical medieval village. Very quiet.
A 12th century castle of the malthese knights
SanSebastio ( 1505) with work of Perugino inside An old Etruscan town. Around the city many Etruscan tombs. The Museo Nazionale Etrusco has a good collection of Etruscan artifacts. When you visit the Duomo you'll find the entrance to Chuisi underground The labyrinth dates from before Christ.
Known as the town of San Francesco. Visit the church where he is burried andspecially the lower church with the beautiful fresco's But also the medieval town Assisi is worth visiting

Boat trip at the lake.     You can go by boat to the Isola Maggiore.

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