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Hannibal trail

Day 14  from Tuoro to Opi

How to get to Opi


S 75

S3 bis E 45

SS 79

xSS 79

S 578

A 25

S 83.


S 479
Il Vecchio Mulino
SS Marsicaca km. 52
Tel + 39 0863912232
N 41o46'43.3" E 13o51'48.9"

300 kilometer  ( driving time 4 to 5 hours)

Leave the campground, through the tunnel and turn right. Take the superstrada towards Perugia
Stay on this road till you have to join the S3 bis E 45 towards Roma Terni.
Stay on this road for 65 km.
At the end of the road towards Terni, Rieti
Take the exit Terni Ovest and follow Rieti SS 79 until you have left the town.
At  N 42°33´04˝  E 12°42´07˝ You have a beautiful view.
You are passing Marmore ( waterfall)
Stay on the SS 79.
In Rieti towards Avezzano S 578 ( Just behind the tunnel to the right)
At the end of S 578 you take the Motor way.
Follow Roma/Avezzano and then Avezzano. .
Stay on the A 25 E 80 until Exit Pescina.
Take the exit Pescina and after the toll booth you go right towards Pescina.
In the village left towards Pescasseroli
You follow this road passing the Passo del Diavolo and driving into the Parco d'Abruzzo. Stay on the S 83 towards Opi. Don't go to the village but keep following the road.  Il Vecchio Mulino is situated 3 km. behind Opi on the right.

Don't take the exit Pescina, but the exit Cocullo.
Drive towards Scanno Barrea S 479.
In Villetta Barea take the road towards Opi, Pescasseroli.
You can find Il Vecchio Mulino on your left.

What to do

Cascata de Marmore
Marmora cascade
This is the biggest cascade in Italy and is used for generating electrical power.
That is why the cascade only "works" from 12.00 till 13.00 and from 16.00 till 17.00
The rest of the time the water is running through a big tube towards a generator.
The way to the Cascata is well indicated in the village.


High situated  medieval town. Beautiful duomo, palaces and San Fortunato with a marvelous door.

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