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Hannibal trail

Day 1 to St Sauveur en Puisaye

How to get to st Sauveur en Puisaye

From the A6 Paris Lyon
A 6           
D 3 than D 955 
D 965   

D 7           

Parc des Joumiers
tel. 03 86 45 66 28
N 47.63090     E 3.19271
N 47o37'55.3"; E 3o11'3.9";
 This campsite has WIFI
At the electricity point is also
the point for black and grey water.

Sortie 18  Joigny-Toucy
Direction Toucy
Direction Mezilles
In Mezilles follow D7 .
Just before the sign end village go left  D7 .
Direction St. Sauveur en Puisaye
The campingground is stituated 1 km before St Sauveur
at your left.


Tonight we organize a welcom dinner at the restaurant of the campsite

What to do

Surroundings of St Sauveur                                                           

This town is beautifully situated at the borders of the river Yonne. 
Beautiful churches and stunning timbered houses.

The town origins in the Roman time (Autessiodurum).
Then it was situated at the Agrippa route from the Mediterranean to the North Sea.
It took three centuries to build the gothic cathedral. In 1560 it was completed.
The cathedral is famous for its 13th century stained windows.
In the crypt you can find fresco's

The former abby St-Germain (founded by Clothilde, wife of King Clovis) is now a Museum.
Nearby is the walled vineyard of the abby.
At the tourist information you can get a guided walk (also in English) Au fill de l'histoire.

In 390 BC the people of Sens (named after the Senons a mighty Gallic tribe) conquered Rome. Or so the inhabitants of Sens proclaim.
The cathedral of Sens is the oldest Gothic building in France. A walk through the city is  pleasant. 

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