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Hannibal trail

Day 27 Rome

What to do in Rome

Today we have a guided tour by bus.
We only can see the highlights of course.

In the evening dinner.

Rome was of course the most important city in Roman times.
There are a lot of monuments left throughout the city.
The most important are:
Forum Romanum

During the time of the emperors this was the ceremonial heart of the city.
You can find many temples here. A number of them has been transformed into churches.
The house of the Vestal virgins and the Basilica of Constantin and Maxentius are the highlights.
To the north of the Forum Romanum you have the imperial Forums like Ceasar's Forum Augustus' forum of  and Traianus' forum.

To the south the Palatin.
Here you can find the ruins of the houses of the Roman emperors.
Highlights: The house of Livia with beautiful fresco's and the house of Flavius.
To the east is the Colosseum built on the ruins of Nero's palace.
It opened in the year 80.

Dying Gaul

The Capitoline Museums
The famous statues from Roman times are exposed here.
e.g. Sniper, Marcus Aurelius on his horse and the dying Gaul

The Temple for all the Gods. dating 118 ad. The temple became a christian church in the 7th century. Its the best preserved Roman Monument.

Area sacra di largo Argentina.
One of the oldest places of Rome dating from the time of the republic. Here you can find the rests of four temples. A latrine and ruins of the Curia of Pompeius.
Here Julius Caesar was murdered.

Arca Pacis
Dating from 13 bc. A big altar in honor of the peace Augustus brought in the Mediterranean.

Augustus' Mausoleum

Castel Sant'Angelo
Hadrianus built the castle as a mausoleum. Since that time it  is used for many different functions. You can visit the museum inside.

Vatican museum
A beautiful collection of statues, mosaics, jewelry etc. from the Romans, the Greek and the Etruscans.

Forum Romanum and surrounding area. The dying gaul

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