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Hannibal trail

Day 24 Pompei

What to do in and around Pompei

Day at leisure

Next to the exit of the campsite is the station of the Circumvesuviana. With this train you can easily go to Herculaneum or Naples.

Atrium of a house in Herculaneum Take the train towards Naples and get off at the station Ercolano-Scavi.
The ancient town was also demolished in 79 like Pompei.
Herculaneum wasn't buried by ashes as was Pompei, but by mud and lava.
So here you can find houses with a floor and wooden artifacts.

Of course one day is not enough to visit all of Naples, so you have to make a choice.

National Museum of archeology:
opening times 9.00 -19.30
Here you can find most fresco's mosaics and artifacts found in Pompei, Herculaneum etc.
The Via die Tribunali houses a lot of churches including the Duomo
Above the town lies the royal palace of capodimonte. Here you can find a beautiful collection of Italian paintings ( Titiaan, Botticelli. Perugino, Rafael etc.)
Certosa di San Martino
A monastery from the 14th century. Now housing the San Martino museum.
You can find Napolitan art, history and a collection of cribs.
Napels has a tradition n making christmas figures and cribs.
if you like Napolitan cribs walk to the San Gregorio Armeno. In this road you can find a lot of shops where they make and sell figures for the crib.

Vesuvius and the bay of Naples
You can climb mount Vesuvius. Buy an all inclusive ticket at the station.
Take the bus at 8.00 to avoid the crowds. The last 300m you have to climb yourself.
So a good condition and good shoes are necessary.
The busstop is at Hotel Suisse.
              Perugia. The medieval aquaduct, now a pedestrian's passage

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