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Hannibal trail

Day 26 Pompei to Cassino




Terme Varroniane
Via delle Terme 5
+ 39 3339512974                                      
N 41o28'56˝ E 13o49'58"
125 km.    time 1.45 uur

leave the ,drive all the way down and make a turn of 180o right and enter the motorway
Stay on the A3 direction Napoli  Roma .At the fork keep direction Roma
Stay on the A1   exit Cassino.
Leave the highway and follow the sighs to Cassino center.Then follow the clear signs to the camping.


Monte Cassino
In the 6th century benedictus built his abby here on top of ancient temples door St Benedictus. This was to be one of the most important and rich abbies in Europe
In worldwar II there was a fierce fight at the slope of the mountain.Apart from the outer walls the abby was completely destroyed. After the war the abby has been rebuilt. From the top of the mountain you can enjoy a beautifull view.The abby and museum are open for visits

Hours 8.30 - 12.30  and 15.30 till 17.00.
Behind the abby you vcan find several war cemetaries

The once royal palace with a lot of grandoeur veel and a nativity as large as a class room.A beautiful garden in cassic styl.
You can park beneathe the large square
N 41o 4' 14.16"   E 14o 19' 46.99"
Leave the A1 at exit Caserta nord and follow the brown signs to Reggia di Caserta ( about 3 quarters of an hour from Pompei)

Santa Maria Capua Vetere Mitras

In the center of this town you van find the largest but one amphitheatre. Only beaten by the Colloseum in Rome. Near the theatre is a small museum dericated to the gladiators Don't forget to ask for a vist to the mitreum (mitreo in Italian)

N 41.08479 E 14.25183

Mitras with the bull