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    Alberobello 2


Day 19 Castel del Monte to Alberobello

How to get to Alberobello




Bosco Selva
Contrada Bosco Selva 27
tel 080 4323726
www.campingboscoselva.it www.campingboscoselva.it
N 40o 46' 16'' E 17o 14' 12''

116 km ; time 2.10 uur

We leave the parking lot and move to the south.
After ± 200m left
After 12 km right towards Gravina in Puglia
Follow this road for about 39 km
In Altamura towards Santeramo in Colle; Gioia del Colle ±
30 km
Short after the crossing with te motorway A14 left
Stay on this road for about 4 km then a sharp turn  right towards Taranto
After 3 km left towards Noci
Follow this road for ±28 km
In Alberobello at the roundabout right to Contrada Bosco Selva the road where you find the campground
What to do

This morning we first visit the castle built by Frederic II in 1240. It has a quite unique octagonal shape and each floor has eight rooms. Pay attention to the restrooms.
Frederic II was a well-read man, who retreated regularly in one of his castles to keep himself occupied with his books and correspondence. Also, like many nobles in those days he liked to hunt, with falcons that is. Here in South Italy and in Sicily there are castles and hunting lodges he had built. Parts of the movie „In the name of the rose” are recorded here.

Castel del Monte

If you drive back to the coast you can visit :


A little with town with a port and a beautiful duomo built in the 12th century. Fine sculptures at the front of the church and special bronze doors. Open 9.00 −20.00. Next to the church is another castle built by Frederic II Entree fee €2,- (65+ free). Open from 8.30 to 19.30. Both buildings are at the seaside of the city. In the centre are more interesting buildings and monuments.


Once in the city, follow the signs to the ferry; pass the castle and find a large parking lot. Not free but the shuttle bus to the centre is free.  The castle is built in the 12th century, but in the 13th century remodeled by Frederic II. Castello Svevo as it is called lies near the port. The main attraction is the basilica San Nicola. For the Dutch and the Russians (Greek or Russian orthodox)  this is an important building. Nicola who lived and died in Turkey in the 4th century was buried in Myra. Some 1000 years ago inhabitants of Bari have robbed his bones from Myra. This robbery has paid off since many Russians come here to pay their respect. The church itself is a simple white building with a ceiling from later date.  The pillars that keep the ceiling of the crypt up are all of a different shape. Here you find icons of Greek orhodox origin.
Castellana grotte 
You can visit these grottos today or on day 21

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