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Hannibal trail

Day 17 Vieste

Day at leisure in Vieste
What to do

Tour on the peninsula.

You can drive through the Foresta Umbra to Monte San Angelo and drive back along the coast.

Monte san Angelo
From the 5th century the archangel Michael is honored here.
Here he is supposed to have appeared in a grotto.
The Lombards made it a pilgrimage place. ( St Michael was their patron saint)
The pilgrimage way to the Holy Land passed this place and so it became a very important place of pilgrimage. The town and the grotto are worth visiting.


You can walk to the town.
The town was inhabited from 10th century bc
The medieval white town is very beautiful. You can visit the castle dated from the 13th century and the cathedral, or just stroll through the narrow streets.

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